Nasrullah Syed

Batting StyleRH Middle Order
Bowling StyleRH Slow

Nasrullah Syed is a middle order batsman.  He is not a big hitter or 100 strike rate batsman, but he can play a long inning and build partnerships.  He believes in taking quick singles and rotating the strike, and is a fast runner between the wickets.  He fancies the leg side and can score some boundaries with his flicks and pulls.

Nasru also bowls part time, when required to sneak some quick overs in.  He mixes his bowling with slow, medium and off cutters.

Nasru is also a part time wicketkeeper, and will always dive and stop that ball going down the leg side.  He prefers to field at point or in the covers and is athletic and fast on the field.

Nasru has also captained Oakville’s first division team in 2005, 2011 and 2013 seasons, and is one of the hardest working and dedicated members of our club.




Hamilton District Cricket League, Sportsmanship Award


Hamilton District Cricket League, Best Administrator


Oakville Cricket Club, Most Improved Player – First Division


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Most Memorable Performance

OCC’s First Division team faced off against St. Catharines in the 2012 Finals.  Battng second, Oakville had to score 167 runs in 40 overs to win their second championship in a row.  At halfway stage of the innings, Oakville were all set to take the trophy home.  80 runs were required in 20 overs, with 7 wickets in hand.  At this point – Aqeel Raja and Zeeshan Arshad were introduced in the attack, and they bowled remarkably to try to save the game.  They bowled the next 10 overs together – giving away only 20 runs with 5 maidens and 4 wickets between them.

With 10 overs to go, 60 runs to get, and only 3 wickets in hand, Oakville found themselves in a tight spot.  Nasru walked into the crease and tried to knock the ball around, making sure there were no dot balls.  The next two wickets fell within 4 runs of each other, and in walked the # 11 batsman.  A drastic collapse had now left Oakville with 38 runs to win off 31 balls, with only 1 wicket in hand.

Nasru and Zain played the next over watchfully to end Aqeel’s spell.  With 37 required from 24 balls, pretty much everyone on the ground knew that the game was done.  Everyone except Nasru.  He knew that it was time to step up and take charge.  Zeeshan was all set to ball at the death – following his game changing spell of 6 overs, 3 maidens, 6 runs, 2 wickets.  The first ball was powerfully cut for 4, and the second ball was put away for 4 in the exact same manner, and a single was taken off the third.  Now 28 were required off 18, Qasim came on to ball.  The first ball was whacked to cow corner for a 4, the second ball was swept for 2 runs, the third ball was flicked for a 4, followed by a wide ball.

With 17 runs required from 15 balls, Nasru tried to go across the stumps to guide the ball to fine leg for a single.  Unfortunately, he missed the ball completely, and the ball landed on the leg stump.  Bowled!! Game Over!! Oakville Lost!!  Nasru was heartbroken.  He knew that he could have pulled it off, but just one small mistake, one wrong shot, and it was all over.  This inning was important to Nasru in many ways, and is definitely his most valuable and memorable one.