Ali Kamal Shah

Batting StyleRH Opener
Bowling StyleRH Medium

Ali Kamal Shah is one of the most ferocious, focused, flamboyant and feared batsman of the League.  He has had the most success opening the batting for the team, but is one of those batsman who can bat wherever the team requires him to.  His talent is not limited to hitting the ball miles over the long off boundary.  His true talent lies in how he builds his inning.  He accelerates at the right time, attacks the right ball, takes the quick singles.  He has consistently scored runs and won many games over the years.  Ali holds various records in the club and the league.  He is one of 3 batsmen in the league to score over 500 runs a season, he holds the record for most boundaries scored.  Some of his unique records are back to back centuries (101, 107) in Ramadan 2009.

A good batsman is one who can succeed in more than one format of the game.  Ali is someone who fits that category perfectly.  For more than a few years now, the League’s Twenty20 games happen during the Islamic month of Ramadan, where one is required to fast .. no food, no water, no Gatorade.  The fun talk in the league is that Ali satisfies his hunger with runs.  Regardless of what form he is in – once the T20 games come around – Ali is a different batsman.  He is guaranteed to score some big 50s if not a century.  He has consistently scored plenty of runs in almost every year’s tournament.

Ali is also a handy bowler.  He doesn’t bowl too often, but everytime he does, he makes an impact.  He is also one of the best fielders on the team, and makes the most difficult of catches look easy.

Ali has captained Oakville’s Premier team in the past, and is one of the most valued and hard working founding members of our club.




Hamilton District Cricket League, Best Batmsan – Premier Division


Hamilton District Cricket League, Best Batmsan – Premier Division

Oakville Cricket Club, Best Batsman

Sport Oakville – Athlete Award


Oakville Cricket Club, T20 Player of the Year – Ed Burn Tournament


Oakville Cricket Club, T20 Player of the Year – Ed Burn Tournament

Oakville Cricket Club, Best Batsman – Premier Division


Oakville Cricket Club, Best Batsman – Ed Burn Tournament


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Most Memorable Performance

Ali is a run scoring machine, and there is a big list of great performances to chose from.  The most memorable one, however, is his 107 against Crescent.

Oakville had started the 2009 season with 4 straight losses, and were desperate for a win.  The playoff chances were not looking good.  It started with one win, and then the wins kept piling up.  After winning 5 in a row, Oakville went in for their final game of the season against a top ranked Crescent team.  Their aggressive batting took them to 222/8 in their allotted 40 overs.

Ali walked in to open the innings, and was in good form, following a great century in the last game – 101 not out where he scored the first 50 in 36 balls and his century in 76 balls.  He continued his great form – in spite of fielding a full 40 overs while fasting.  He was tired, dehydrated, but he was focused to win and keep the playoff hopes alive.  From the first ball, Ali showed his ability to clear the long off boundary with some beautifully timed hits.  The first wicket fell with 82 runs on the board, and the outgoing batsman had only 8 runs.  Ali had already reached his 50 and he was in no mood to slow down.  He kept running hard between the wickets, and kept scoring the boundaries when required.  Everytime a new bowler was introduced into the attack – Ali attacked him.

Ali reached his 50 in just 33 balls, and then started hitting the ball cleaner and further.  It took him only 17 more balls to score the next 50 runs, reaching his consecutive century in only 50 balls.  He eventually got out when the team total was 137 – out of which he made 107 by himself, with 7 fours and 9 massive sixes.  It was a great display of fight and passion, and an awesome display of batsman-ship.

The platform was set, and John Kirstein scored an unbeaten 54 to help Oakville win 6 games in a row, with 45 balls to spare and 6 wickets in hand.  Unfortunately for Oakville, having won 6 in a row and finishing the regular season at 6 wins and 4 losses, Oakville failed to qualify for the playoffs due to a technical glitch in the league’s point system, where the other team having played fewer games had a better Points Per Game number.  Regardless of that – his teammates and opponents to this day talk about his great innings, and his hunger for winning.

Ali went on to win the Best Batsman of the League award for that year, and continued his form into the following season to score even more runs, boundaries, and secure the Best Batsman of the League award 2 years in a row.