Oakville Cricket Club Awards 2013

A list of Nominees and Winners

Best Newcomer

Nominees:              Hammad Bokhari, Saad Sohail, Sohail Khan

Winner:                 Saad Sohail & Sohail Khan


Most Improved Player

Nominees:              Dinesh Sharma, Rajiv Mehta, Nasrullah Syed

Winner:                 Dinesh Sharma – Premier & Nasrullah Syed – First


Best Bowler – Ed Burn

Nominees:               Dinesh Sharma, John Kirstein, Mairaj Hoda

Winner:                 Mairaj Hoda


Best Batsman – Ed Burn

Nominees:              Ali Kamal Shah, John Kirstein, Majid Mahmood

Winner:                 Ali Kamal Shah


Best Fielder – First Division

Nominees:              Nasrullah Syed, Sikandar Hayat,  Tabish Khot

Winner:                 Tabish Khot


Best Bowler – First Division

Nominees:              Mairaj Hoda, Rajiv Mehta, Sikandar Hayat

Winner:                 Sikandar Hayat


Best Batsman – First Division

Nominees:              Farhan Iqtidar, Nasrullah Syed, Rajiv Mehta

Winner:                 Farhan Iqtidar


Best All Rounder – First Division

Nominees:              Mairaj Hoda, Nasrullah Syed, Rajiv Mehta

Winner:                 Rajiv Mehta


Best Fielder – Premier Division

Nominees:              Aizaz Paracha, Ali Kamal Shah, Manik Bhan

Winner:                 Manik Bhan


Best Bowler – Premier Division

Nominees:              Imran Mohammed, Dinesh Sharma, Ferdaus Zubair

Winner:                 Ferdaus Zubair & Imran Mohammed


Best Batsman – Premier Division

Nominees:              Majid Mahmood, Manik Bhan, Vijayan Tirupathi

Winner:                 Majid Mahmood


Best All Rounder – Premier Division

Nominees:              Manik Bhan, Sohail Khan, Vijayan Tirupathi

Winner:                 Vijayan Tirupathi