About Cricket


Cricket is one of the fastest growing sport in Canada. Surprisingly, not many people are aware of the sport even though it has been around in Canada for over 250 years. Over the last few years, cricket in Canada has had some major accomplishments. Our national team was part of the 2003 and 2007 world cup. Currently, a vast majority of the national team comprises of people from the Greater Toronto Area. There are hundreds of teams and thousands of players playing league cricket in GTA and surrounding areas.

Oakville cricket club was founded 13 years ago. Our club mainly participates in the Hamilton District Cricket League. We have two teams registered in each, the premier and the first division, and play about 12 games each. We participate in a 40 over game as well as a 20 over game throughout the season. We won the championship in the 2011 season and were runners up in 2012. Many of our club members have won awards as top performers of the league over the years.

Most members of the club are residents of oakville. Members represent all ages and backgrounds. Occ is an equal opportunity organization and is strictly against discrimination of any kind. Our goals are to encourage youth and female participation and provide a facility where cricket coaching can be offered at a grassroots level. We are always looking to provide free seminars for coaching and initial knowledge to a widely diversified audience. We aspire to become the leaders in promoting one of the fastest growing sports in the world whose audience has grown to second largest globally, just behind soccer.